Cancelled: Opening: Franz Gertsch. Looking Back.

18:00 Door opening
18:30 Greeting: Bärbel Küster, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, University of Zurich, and member of the Board of Curators of the Graphische Sammlung
 Welcoming and introduction: Dr. Linda Schädler and Alexandra Barcal, curators of the exhibition
In the presence of the artist

Meeting Place

Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich, HG E 52, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich

About the exhibition "Franz Gertsch. Looking Back. A Ninetieth Birthday Tribute":

On the occasion of the famous Swiss artist's ninetieth birthday, the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich is dedicating an exhibition to Franz Gertsch that for once focuses entirely on his early work. The Graphische Sammlung has long been associated with the artist and possesses numerous graphic works from his mature phase. By looking back to the beginnings, it now offers a surprising and, for many, new perspective on his work. The art from this period clearly shows the extent to which Gertsch tried out various forms of expression in his early years. Although he always remained committed to representationalism, his works are stylistically very different and range from filigree woodcuts to romantic-looking drawings. Together with the artist, individual thematic groups from his collection were selected for the exhibition and complemented with works from his own collection.

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