Data Management in Research – Why and How? (Zentrum)

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Content of course

 Presentations, exercises and discussion of the following topics:

  • General requirements of Research Data Management
  • Existing guidelines and responsibilities
  • Issues of research ethics
  • Data management in practice
  • Prerequisites for re-use
  • Useful services and tools
  • Exchange of experiences, methods and tools

Target audience

  • Students
  • Doctoral students
  • Postdocs

A basic understanding of research projects is required, either from own work or at least from insights gained as part of Bachelor or Master Theses.

Meeting Place

ETH Zurich, main building, room HG F 33.5, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich

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Team leader digital curation
Dr. Matthias Töwe

Dr. Matthias Töwe

Data management planning and teaching
Dr. Ana Sesartic

Dr. Ana Sesartic