Fourth Thomas Mann Lecture


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04.11.2020 18:00-19:00 German im Kalender eintragen

In 2020, Prof. Dr Ritchie Robertson of the University of Oxford is a guest speaker at ETH Zurich for the lecture series on Thomas Mann. He will be speaking on the topic «Aufklärung und Gegenaufklärung auf dem Zauberberg» (in German).

In the novel “The Magic Mountain”, the protagonist Hans Castorp follows heated debates between the humanist Settembrini and the Jesuit Naphta. These opponents represent respectively the Enlightenment (associated with France and Italy) and the reactionary, even totalitarian Counter-Enlightenment. The lecture will explore Thomas Mann’s understanding of both concepts and, turning to the present, argue for the undiminished relevance of the Enlightenment in an age of Counter-Enlightenment populism.

This year's fourth Thomas Mann Lecture will be held virtually due to the protective measures regarding the corona pandemic.

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Every year, an internationally renowned figure from the field of literary studies is invited to ETH Zurich. The series of Thomas Mann Lectures examines fundamental issues that feature in Thomas Mann’s work and is geared towards both an academic audience and interested members of the general public.

The Thomas Mann Lectures are organised by the Thomas Mann Archives in conjunction with the Chair of Literary and Cultural Studies at ETH Zurich.

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