Research Data Management 3: Open Access and Data Publishing

Workshop series

In collaboration with Scientific IT Services, ETH Library conducts four consecutive workshops, each building upon the knowledge of the previous, which focus on the various elements of research data management along the research data life cycle. Register for individual workshops or for the whole series.


  • a discussion on rules and regulations by research institutions and research funders
  • basics of data management planning and DMP writing
  • principles of long-term preservation of research data

Workshop details


  • introduction of best practices and tools for daily data management
  • options for secure data storage and backup
  • strategies and workflows for managing large data sets

Workshop details


  • an introduction to open access publishing
  • a discussion on copyright and Creative Commons licenses
  • an introduction to the Research Collection
  • guidance on how to find a suitable data repository

Workshop details


  • Research on confidential data (sensitive personal data),
  • Data privacy and protection: legislation and cybersecurity awareness,
  • Data classification: confidential data vs. public data,
  • Leonhard Med, ETH Zurich: Swiss secure, powerful and versatile Scientific IT Platform for research on and with confidential data,
  • “Good practices” for secure handling of confidential research data along the entire data life-cycle, from data collection, data management and analysis to publication in repositories and long-term preservation.

Workshop details

Registration required

We also hold workshops from this series for groups of five people or more.

Please arrange a date with us.

This workshop series is comprised of four individual workshops, each building upon the knowledge acquired in the previous one. Participation in all four workshops is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Please indicate in your application, if you would like to participate in the entire workshop series or only in one or two individual workshops.


  • What to know before you submit to a journal, or sign its contract
  • Open access repositories vs. academic social networks
  • How to find high quality open access journals
  • Where to apply for funding for your open access publication
  • Research funders’ open access and open research data policies, and institutional policies
  • Copyright and Creative Commons licenses
  • Where to find a suitable data repository
  • How to self-archive a paper or deposit a dataset in the Research Collection


At the end of the course, you are able to

  • fulfil current requirements on open access and open research data by research funders
  • define and apply the FAIR Data Principles
  • identify appropriate Creative Commons Licenses for your needs
  • critically evaluate and use tools for open access and data publishing

Target Audience

  • Doctoral students
  • Postdocs
  • Scientific staff
  • other members of ETH Zurich
  • Please note: for workshop 2, participants should have at least some experience in conducting a research project. 

Meeting Place

ETH Zurich, Campus Zentrum (centre), main building, F 26.1, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich

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