Von Analog zu Digital

Einblicke in die Digitalisierung wertvoller Sammlungen der ETH-Bibliothek

Over the centuries, libraries have built up an enormous amount of knowledge about how to manage and communicate large amounts of objects and data. It is therefore only consequential that they also apply their know-how to the digitisation of collections. The central services of ETH Library therefore include the establishment, expansion and maintenance of a digital infrastructure for the natural science and cultural history collections as well as for the various archives of the ETH Zurich.

ETH Library's DigiCenter is a service provider in this area and digitises – often in projects lasting several years – selected holdings and collections, which are ultimately available in digital form for research and teaching, but also for the general public.

During this public tour you will gain an insight into the digitisation work. You will also learn more about the various scanners and the scanning robot and see them in action.

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