Flight of discovery over Switzerland

High-density living, spatial planning, housing sprawl – terms that are currently on everyone's lips. The new illustrated book "Swissair Aerial Photographs: The Swissair Aerial Photography Archive" now takes you on a journey over mountains, landscapes, settlements and villages. Switzerland's transformation from intact agricultural land with scattered factories to the heavily built-up country it is today is particularly striking from the air. 

The holding curated by ETH-Bibliothek's Image Archive contains around 135,000 aerial photographs spanning almost a century, from which 150 impressive oblique and vertical views were selected for the book from the "Pictorial Worlds" series.   

You can browse through a selection of the photographs on the Bildarchiv Online platform.

We have also compiled some additional information and photos on the ETHeritage blog.

The book can be purchased from ETH-Bibliothek's Collections and Archives reading room or book shops.


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