Knowledge Portal – more comfort, new look

ETH-Bibliothek has given its Knowledge Portal a partial makeover. From now on, the following improvements will make it easier for people in search of information to navigate their way around our library services:

Integrated search tool

  • The desired source can already be selected prior to the search – one click on the corresponding tab above the search box suffices
  • More search comfort thanks to an update of the integrated search machine, e.g. more options for refining the search results

Home page        

  • Frequently sought and topic-specific information on ETH-Bibliothek can be found more quickly by way of visual navigation
  • Navigation with a few clicks thanks to dropdown menus
  • Faster overview: current news and events now appear separately
  • Our subject specialists present new acquisitions in a carousel: a selection of around 50 alternating books can be chosen, ordered, used online, placed on the e-Shelf or sent via email as a reading tip

Website access

  • Mobile use: the new home page is responsive and adapts to the size of the terminal device used
  • More accessibility: another important step towards barrier-free accessibility

Subnavigation and related Informations

Related Informations Knowledge Portal – more comfort, new look