400,000 digitized images on Image Archive Online

The Image Archive Online has now surpassed 400,000 digitized images. The catalogue Image Archive Online (external link) has now been in operation on E-Pics for ten years and is constantly growing with new digitized images. This can be between 25,000 and 40,000 photographs per year.

The current digitization projects include:

  • aerial photographs from the Swissair holdings
  • reports from Comet Photo AG
  • old views and postcards from Switzerland

The Image Archive boasts extensive and historically valuable holdings with over 3.5 million analogue photographs from the 1860s onwards. Within the scope of various crowdsourcing initiatives (external link), volunteers are also called upon to help identify digitized images and furnish additional information.

E-Pics (external link), ETH Zurich's platform for images, photographs and illustrations, is an ETH Library service.


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