ETH Library idea contests

ETH Library is searching for ideas to improve its existing services and develop new ones until the end of 2018. We are looking for your innovative spirit and creative input!

Developing the Research Collection into an “information hub” for researchers, advanced functions on the Search Portal and much more: Draw inspiration from the ideas already submitted (external link) and join in on the following topics:

  • Student Challenge: What do you feel is a challenge for you in everyday university life? Are there any future services provided by ETH Library that could help you overcome those challenges?
  • Research Collection: How can ETH Library support you more effectively when it comes to publishing your research output? Do you have any ideas for new features and the further optimisation of the Research Collection, ETH Zurich’s publication platform?
  • Data Challenge: What use cases result from data provided by ETH Library for your work and your research or teaching activities? How can we optimise the range of data further for your needs? How can the use of data be simplified and rendered more efficient?

The contest is open until 31 December 2018. Submit your ideas at (external link)!

The winners receive a voucher of their choice from ETH Store, Projekt Neptun, SBB or Swiss Book Vouchers worth up to CHF 300.

ETH Library is looking forward to your ideas!


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