As an information service-provider, ETH-Bibliothek focuses on selected strategic fields. In doing so, it gears itself to the needs of the Swiss and international information and science community and society's increasing digitization.

Strategic topics

  • Collections and archives in the digital age – innovative indexing, digitization and publication of unique materials
  • Open Data – free availability of bibliographical metadata and other selected data not subject to any copyright conditions for re-use
  • Swiss copyright – commitment at national level for a science-friendly copyright law in Switzerland
  • Text and data mining – Checking fields of application for text and data mining

Current projects

  • Digitization of sunspot drawings – Indexing and digitization of sunspot drawings from 1883 to 1946/47
  • EIDOS – Evaluation and implementation of a digital infrastructure for the collections of scientific objects
  • E-Publications – Replacement of the ETH E-Collection and ETH E-Citations systems with an integrated publication platform
  • Full Text – Expansion of the platform to include optical character recognition (OCR) for the purpose of re-use by science
  • Geodata4SwissEDU and – Development, operation and further development of a national geodata portal for education and research
  • IDEfiX – Cataloguing, digitization and scientific indexing of the xylotheque
  • IMAGO – Indexing and digitization of Lepidoptera from the Entomological Collection
  • Mass Indexing and Retrospective Conversion (MaRek) – Retrospective conversion of analogue finding aids, development of process models for archival description of extensive record series, archival description of prioritised holdings
  • MFA_online – the indexing and digitization of the Max Frisch Archive's holdings
  • Microfungi – Digitization of microfungi from ETH Zurich's Mycological Herbarium
  • Multimedia Storytelling – Content marketing platform with stories on ETH-Bibliothek's collections, archives and services
  • Research Data Life-Cycle Management (DLCM) – Solutions and standards for the management of research data throughout Switzerland
  • Single sign-on – Simplifying the login procedure for using library resources
  • SLSP Swiss Library Service Platform – Pre-project for the development of a national service platform for academic libraries in Switzerland and, in parallel, the introduction of a new generation of library systems
  • TMPersonalLibrary – Digital access to Thomas Mann's marginalia
  • Vascular plant herbarium – Digitization and indexing of Brassicaceae, type specimens and Hans Hess's Angola Herbarium
  • – Digitization and online provision of archive content