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Completed project

Aim of the project

To increase the use of the public domain and CC-BY-SA digital specimens from the Image Archive that are already freely accessible on E-Pics Image Archive Online  (external link) further by joining Wikimedia Commons. The project enables the Image Archive to mass-upload digital specimens and metadata to Wikimedia Commons under its own steam and based on existing interfaces and tools.

Description of the project

The organisational and technical aspects of an upload to Wikimedia Commons are analysed based on a selected collection of digital specimens, then implemented as a solution for long-term service. This includes the provision of data from the source system, mapping on Wikimedia Templates and the connection to the GLAMwiki toolset.

The possibilities of the Wikimedia analysis tool are factored into the project from the outset. The expected increase in usage of the digital specimens should be measurable.

Synergies and context

The mass-uploading of digital specimens from Bildarchiv Online to Wikimedia Commons is part of ETH-Bibliothek's nascent open data policy. Whether Wikimedia Commons will also be suitable as an additional publication channel for other ETH-Bibliothek platforms in future should be verified.

Cooperation partner

Wikimedia CH (external link)

Timeframe, sequence

November 2015Start of Project
May 2016

End of project with first bulk-upload (photographs by Walter Mittelholzer, Flight to Persia, 1924/25 (external link)).

Delivery into continuous operation with further regular uploads. These include:

  • Additional photographs by Walter Mittelholzer
  • Portraits of former members and students of ETH Zurich as well as famous scientists
  • Historical photographs of buildings, institutes, lecture theatres and laboratories at ETH Zurich
  • The photo archives of the former Swiss airline Swissair
  • Extensive aerial photograph holdings

The completed uploads to Wikimedia Commons can be found under "Media contributed by ETH-Bibliothek (external link)".

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