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Completed project

Aim of the project

By means of modern search engine technology, the knowledge portal provides central access to the data and metadata collections as well as all other services of the ETH-Bibliothek in one presentation interface.

Description of the project

The functionalities of the knowledge portal are to be realized on the basis of the "Primo" product from ExLibris. The current website of the ETH-Bibliothek is to be totally replaced and "Primo" is to be seamlessly integrated. A comprehensive search facility covering various information resources is to be implemented. These resources include the library catalog, E-Pics and other local resources as well as electronic products licensed by the ETH-Bibliothek (electronic journals, databases and e-books).
The intuitively usable portal will provide other additional features such as personalization options, alerting services etc. A single sign-on solution will enable ETH Zurich personnel to access the collections and services at any time or location. Orientation towards internationally recognized technical standards enables continuous expansion of the portal.

Information on synergies and context

The project is one of the measures for implementing the ICT strategy of ETH Zurich (external link).

Cooperation partners

Ex Libris (external link)

Timeframe, sequence

June 2009:Version 0.8 (beta) is to be tested by a selected user group (sounding board) of the ETH Zurich.
2nd quarter 2010:Introduction of version 1.0 for all users
3rd/4th quarter 2010:Further versions with additional functionalities are to be introduced.

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