Mass Indexing and Retrospective Conversion (MaRek)

Aim of the project

The implementation of the project MaRek will allow single point online access to all archival descriptive information. At the same time, it paves the way for an efficient processing of extensive record series.

Description of the project

Over the decades, ever new types of finding aids have been introduced at ETH Zurich University Archives (HAS). They range from index cards, through inventories of large and important holdings to today's digital archival information system (AIS). This heterogeneous finding aid situation does not meet today’s growing demand for single point access to all information via the internet. The transformation of analogue into digital metadata makes it easier for customers to access the archival material and reduces the workload of the HSA staff.   

At the same time, the HSA acquires around 150 linear shelf meters of analogue records and a growing amount of digital data per year. Before being accessible to the public and for research, the records must be evaluated, appraised, and described. Thus, the process models for archival description of extensive record series will serve as a starting point for progressive responses to current and future challenges.

November 2015:Project launch
March 2019:Project conclusion

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Christian J. Huber
Head of the ETH Zurich University Archives
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Christian Huber