Open data: re-use of bibliographical metadata


Besides its existing services, ETH-Bibliothek would like to generate added value for society by rendering publicly funded infrastructures and information freely accessible (return on investment).

By opening up its bibliographical metadata, ETH-Bibliothek:

  • provides improved access to the collections
  • makes a contribution towards the information infrastructure worldwide
  • makes a contribution towards the development and refinement of innovative products worldwide


Many libraries all over the world have already taken this step. By opening up its bibliographical metadata and other selected data (e.g. digital copies), ETH-Bibliothek is now also helping to pave the way for networking its own metadata with data from other areas for Linked Open Data and Semantic Web.

The refinement of human knowledge, which libraries help shape, will rely increasingly on availability that is as free as possible, appropriate labelling and data networking in future. ETH-Bibliothek would like to do its bit in this respect while benefiting from data from other facilities. 


ETH-Bibliothek will begin by making its metadata available as so-called "bulk data", i.e. data packages. The digital copies are provided via interfaces and the respective applications. Based on this data, new web applications can be developed or the data can be re-used in research, for instance. Data-related issues might include publication behaviour, the most important publication locations or different publication forms. However, many other application possibilities are conceivable. There is an express desire for the data also to be used by new customer groups (e.g. related to citizen science, the maker scene, the creative scene, hackathons etc.)

The more libraries render their data freely accessible, the greater the benefit of the metadata and the more innovative its possible re-use becomes.

Cooperative partners

Various cooperative partners depending on the data pool

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