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In several departments at the ETH Zurich digital measuring data (primary data) are collected and electronic evaluations (secondary data) generated. The ETH-Bibliothek also provides access to numerous electronic media such as electronic journals, data bases and e-books. The long-lasting availability of the information is traditionally secured by the Library. Presently, ETH Zurich (external link) including the ETH-Bibliothek lack a comprehensive program for the long-term archiving of primary and secondary digital data.

In a first phase (September 2006 until May 2007) of the pilot project the feasibility and trustworthiness of digital data at the ETH Zurich were examined and a knowledge base for future decisions was created.

In the second phase (June 2007 until Summer 2009), two pilot software programs will be installed and compaired. The main goal of the second phase is to define the requirements for a digital long-term archiving system at the ETH Zurich and to determine the organizational as well as technical structures necessary for its implementation. The archiving system will be based on the OAIS-model (external link) (Reference Model for open Archival Information System), which is ISO standard 14721 for the referencing of all kinds of digital data within an archive. The OAIS model consists of different modules embedded within a larger organizational and structural project.

The possible transfer and implementation of resulting knowledge to other Swiss universities is an importance aspect of the project. Beyond that, cooperations on the national and international level with other digital long-term archiving projects exist, these include E-Helvetica (external link), kopal (external link), nestor (external link), KOSTPROBE (external link). This will allow the experiences made and the knowledge gained to be shared when applicable.

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Project coordination
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