Single sign-on

Aim of the project

The aim of the single sign-on project is to simplify the login procedure for using library resources.  

Description of the project

Single sign-on means being able to use one login to access any electronic library services that require registration. As it stands, library customers who do not belong to a university in particular sometimes have several logins for the use of library resources. 

In the first phase (SSO 1), a single sign-on prototype was introduced for members of ETH Zurich by interfacing their login with the library login. They have been able to use their nethz login ever since. Due to the great demand from the NEBIS Network, ETH-Bibliothek's IT Services and the NEBIS Network Office are now currently in the process of converting SSO 1 into a service that can also be offered to other interested universities and their libraries in the NEBIS Network.   

Meanwhile, the project team has launched the second stage of single sign-on (SSO 2): users who are not members of a Swiss university should also receive a single login for all resources, rendering any additional logins, especially for electronic services, and additional registrations unnecessary.

Synergies and context

The Knowledge Portal, the web portal, the E-Lending project and access to the public workstations were essential for the project. Modern authentication and authorisation solutions are central here.

Timeframe, sequence

October 2013:Expansion of the project team and development of business cases
Spring 2014:Completion of business cases
Autumn 2014:Development of a prototype
Spring 2015:Transfer to production