Single sign-on

Aim of the project

Single sign-on combines various initiatives connected with different projects into a single project. The aim is to simplify the login procedure for using library resources.

Description of the project

Single sign-on refers firstly to being able to use a single login to access all the library services for which users have to register, and, secondly, to only having to register once to use all those services. For members of universities in particular, there are generally two login processes at present: one is assigned by the university and the user obtains the second from the library. However, even other library customers who do not belong to a university sometimes have two logins for using library resources. Furthermore, the existing login systems are in most cases outdated and not sustainable.

 In the first stage of the project, an evaluation is to be carried out to see how the two criteria or requirements can be satisfied. This evaluation should show what different options are available for implementing the scheme, what each solution would cost and which procedure should be recommended.

Synergies and context

Three projects in particular provided the incentive for embarking on this project: E-lending and the web portal, and also the Knowledge Portal as it is further developed. Up-to-date methods of authentication and authorisation are essential to all three projects.

Cooperation partners

Timeframe, sequence

March 2011: Start
Autumn 2011: Completion of the evaluation
September 2011: Decision on next steps
2012 to 2013: Implementation