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Interlibrary loans: ordering copies

Interlibrary loans: ordering copies

Interlibrary loans: ordering copies



Use this form to order copies from journals or books that are not on ETH Library's Search Portal (external link) or cannot be ordered online.

We will search for and order individual journal articles and book chapters for you from other libraries in this country and abroad. Reading copies are provided in black and white. In doing so, we are bound by the copyright laws of the country in question and therefore sometimes can only supply you with hard copies.

In order to comply with the Swiss copyright laws, ETH Library will not order more than three articles or chapters from the same document or issue. These three articles or chapters must not exceed more than one third of the document. Every article or chapter must be ordered individually.

The documents delivered are solely intended for personal usage and must not be used commercially.

This service is free of charge for the staff of ETH Zurich. We charge external customers Fees (pdf, 200.40 kB).

The library will duplicate a maximum of 100 pages.

Documents that are ordered by customers via interlibrary loans, even though they are located in ETH-Bibliothek’s holdings and therefore can be ordered online, will be copied in the stipulated scope without prior consultation. The customer will be charged an additional processing fee for this service.

Please fill out one form per article.