Archival holdings, documentations

In the ETH Zurich University Archives, ETH-Bibliothek safeguards the history of ETH Zurich and facilitates research on technical, social and science history issues. Moreover, ETH-Bibliothek offers literary studies collections of personal papers from two major authors in the Thomas Mann Archive (external link) and the Max Frisch Archive (external link). A growing amount of this archival material can be accessed directly in digital form.


ETH Zurich University Archives

  •  Administrative records of ETH Zurich (since 1854), the Swiss School Council (1854 to 1992) and the ETH Board (since 1993)
  •  Personal papers and autographs of scientists linked to ETH Zurich
  • C.G. Jung Papers Collection: manuscripts, letters, press archive. The world’s largest collection on C.G. Jung
  •  Documentation on the history of science and the university
  •  Private archives from institutions linked to ETH Zurich
  •  Searches via the Knowledge Portal, Archivdatenbank online (external link) and Schulratsprotokolle online (external link)

Max Frisch Archive

  •  Personal papers and autographs
  •  Theatre documentation on Max Frisch
  •  Searches via the Knowledge Portal and Max Frisch-Archiv Online

Thomas Mann Archives

  •  Personal papers and autographs
  •  Press documentation on Thomas Mann
  •  Searches via the Knowledge Portal and Thomas-Mann-Archiv Online