Materials Science & Engineering Database

Materials Science & Engineering Database (external link) is the most extensive database in the field of materials science. It contains literature from over 3,000 different sources and enables full-text access to more than 800 journals. It comprises several sub-databases, especially in the following fields:

  • Metals and alloys (incl. METADEX)
  • Ceramics (incl. Ceramic Abstracts)
  • Corrosion (incl. Corrosion Abstracts)

Materials Science & Engineering Database includes:

  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers
  • Dissertations
  • Research reports
  • Patents
  • Other forms of grey literature


The Materials Science & Engineering Database contains sources that are not referenced in interdisciplinary databases, such as Web of Science.


Access to this database is restricted to the domain due to licensing reasons. If you have any technical problems or questions about access rights, please contact the Database Helpdesk.


Courses are held by appointment. Scope and content can be determined as required.


Hints on search strategies, video tutorials and additional information provided by ProQuest (external link)