Digital library

ETH Library offers access to extensive electronic resources. It assists members of ETH Zurich with services relating to e-publishing and digital curation. Simultaneously, it provides digitized documents from its collections and archives through online platforms.

Electronic resources

E-publishing and digital curation

Digital curation and ETH Data ArchiveServices for managing, publishing and preserving research data
ETH Zurich DOI DeskDOI registration office for the Swiss university and research sector
ETH E-Citations (external link)Institutional bibliography with scientific publications at ETH Zurich
ETH E-Collection (external link)Institutional Repository of the ETH Zurich
E-Pics (external link)Platform for the managing, archiving and online use of image data
Open AccessInformation and advice on all aspects of open-access publishing

Platforms with digital content

ASTRONOMIE-rara (external link)Publications relating to the history of astronomy from Deutsches Museum München and ETH Library
Collection of Prints and Drawings Online (external link)Graphic prints and drawings (external link)Rare books from Swiss libraries (external link)Historical manuscript material from Swiss libraries and archives
E-Periodica (external link)Swiss journals online
ETH E-Collection (external link)Institutional Repository of the ETH Zurich
E-Pics Art Inventory (external link)Objects from ETH Zurich's Art inventory
E-Pics Collection of Astronomical Instruments (external link)Historical instruments collection
E-Pics Earth Science Collections (external link)Rocks from the Earth Science Collections
E-Pics Image Archive Online (external link)Photographs and images held by ETH Library
E-Pics Max Frisch Archive (external link)Photographs reflecting the life and works of Max Frisch
E-Pics Rare Books (external link)Illustrations from rare books held by ETH Library
ETHorama (external link)Geographical search for digitized documents from ETH Library
Schulratsprotokolle Online (external link)Central source for the history of ETH Zurich

Research tools (no fulltext)

Archivdatenbank Online (external link)Collections of the ETH Zurich University Archives (external link)National portal for geodata in teaching and research
Kartenportal.CH (external link)Subject portal for maps
Material-Archiv (external link)Subject portal for materials
Max Frisch-Archiv Online (external link)Archive database with manuscripts by and news articles about Max Frisch
Thomas-Mann-Archiv Online (external link)Archive database with manuscripts by and news articles about Thomas Mann

Digital collections and highlights

Crowdsourcing (external link)News and experiences from the community
Einstein OnlineOriginal letters by and images of Albert Einstein
ETHeritage (external link)Blog about selected documents from the collections and archives
Explora (external link)Storytelling platform and a world of experience by ETH Library
International YearsSpecialist information on the "International Years" proclaimed by the UN
Short portraitsDescription of individuals linked to ETH Zurich
Nature, technologyEvents and highlights in the holdings of ETH Library
Virtual exhibitionsInsight into historical collections of ETH Library