Nature, technology

ETH Library presents valuable historical collections and current specialist information on selected natural-scientific and technical subjects.


Virtual tour of historical Chemistry at ETH Zurich

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2019 (external link)

  • Explore ETH Zurich's historical Chemistry lab at 360°
  • Put on a Virtual Reality headset or access the tour directly via your browser
  • German only

In cooperation with ikonaut (external link), LUDIC (external link) and the Institute for Monument Conservation and Building Research (external link)


Astronomy and solar research – Rudolf Wolf and his legacy

On Rudolf Wolf's 200th birthday (7 July 2016)

  • Astronomer and founder of the Eidgenössische Sternwarte Zurich
  • First Director of ETH Library
  • Wolf's legacy
  • Holdings at ETH Library

Gotthard – rocks and tunnels

On the opening of the Gotthard base tunnel (1 June 2016)

  • Current specialist information on traffic planning, tunnel construction, geology
  • Photo reports on the construction of the road tunnel
  • Rock samples from tunnel bores

Simplon tunnel

On the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Simplon tunnel (19 May 1906)

  • Construction of the Simplon tunnel
  • Holdings at ETH Library