Physics, astronomy

Compilation of new acquisitions and electronic resources on the subjects of physics and astronomy

  • New acquisitions

    List of titles on the subjects (last and current month)

  • Databases

    A selection of the main databases

    • Web of Science – Interdisciplinary database including the Derwent Innovations Index (patents), Web of Science Core Collection (journal articles), Science Citation Index and Journal Citation Reports
    • Scopus – Interdisciplinary, the most comprehensive bibliographic database with respect to number of journals covered, particular focus on non-anglophone literature, enables citation analyses and includes unique author-ID's – Further information
    • INSPEC – Abstracts giving access to the content of documents in the fields of physics, engineering sciences and information technology, varied search and analysis options for scientific publications – Further information
    • ADS – Astrophysics Data System: astronomy, physics and geophysics: abstracts and full-text versions as a possible alternative to searching the Web of Science and INSPEC
    • SPIE Digital Library – Full-text versions of SPIE publications (journals and proceedings) from 1998 onwards, summaries and citations from SPIE publications from 1995 onwards

    Additional databases

  • Reference works

    Selection of the main reference works

    • Bergmann-Schaefer – The 8-volume textbook on experimental physics (in German) is available as e-book; the chapters of each volume are accessible as pdf files.
    • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics – Physical and chemical data on organic and inorganic compounds, options for searching by structural or substance characteristics
    • SpringerMaterials – Based on the Landolt-Börnstein New Series, options for searching by substance, property or term
    • PhysRefData – Collection of physical constants, atomic and molecular data from spectroscopy and nuclear physics, option for searching by individual chemical element
    • Gerthsen Physik – Reference-style textbook on basic principles of physics, accessible online in the 23rd edition, subject chapters are available as PDF files
    • Encyclopedia of Applied Physics – Reference work, can be searched alphabetically or by subject, for all areas of applied physics
    • Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics – Reference work, can be searched alphabetically or by subject, for all areas of mathematical physics
    • Encyclopedia of Condensed Matter Physics – Reference work, can be searched alphabetically or by subject, on the physics of condensed matter
    • Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology – Encyclopaedia of photonics and laser technology, can be searched alphabetically or by search term
    • Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics – Summary articles, sorted by subject, on all aspects of astronomy and astrophysics

    Additional reference works

  • Specialist information

    • PhysNet – Portal for physics resources on the Internet, links for example to physics institutions and associations, publications, teaching material and job opportunities
    • PACS – 2010 version of the Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme. Thesaurus of the American Institute of Physics, to be used for classifying physics publications
    • AstroWeb – Sammlung astronomischer Informationen im Internet, Links zu Institutionen, Daten- und Beobachtungsressourcen, Lehrmaterialien, Software, Jobbörsen
    • Astronomy Conferences – Database of international astronomy conferences, index can be searched by date