MEDLINE (external link) is produced by the National Library of Medicine (USA) and is the world's leading bibliographical database for Medicine and Biomedicine. There are over 22 million citations from approx. 5,600 journals, dating back to 1950. MEDLINE is updated daily and has links to full-text documents.

A special feature of MEDLINE is the use of the controlled vocabulary MESH (external link), a very well-maintained thesaurus arranged hierarchically.


MEDLINE can be accessed through Web of Science (external link), ProQuest (external link), OvidSP (external link) or PubMed (external link) interfaces.


Access to this database is restricted to the domain due to licensing reasons. Go to PubMed (external link) to access the free version of MEDLINE. If you have any technical problems or questions about access rights, please contact the Database Helpdesk.


Courses are held by appointment. They explain the various search strategies and features using specific examples.