Public workstations: FAQ

Notes on how to use the public workstations in the public areas of the ETH-Bibliothek

  • Browser

    Firefox. Most pop-ups are blocked. Once per session, the browser displays specific security information, which can be hidden.

    All adjustments to the browser settings apply to the current session only. When the browser is restarted, the default settings are restored, and all data stored actively or by a program as well as search results and processes are deleted.

  • Data carriers

    USB sticks of all types. There are two sockets on the front of the public workstation.
    Tip: Before removing the USB stick, it is necessary to click on the "safely remove hardware" icon. Otherwise, the files will not be definitively saved on the data carrier.

    Hardware Icon

    Safely remove hardware

    Icon in the system tray

  • Downloads

    Downloads are permitted in accordance with the respective conditions of use of the individual products.

  • PC desktop

    This is based on Windows 7.

  • Plug-ins/Viewer

    Firefox SearchPlugin, Acrobat Reader, Flash/Shockwave, VLC and Office Viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) are installed.

  • Printing

    Printouts are possible via the browser and the viewers. In addition to these functionalities, print screens of individual pages can be printed using PrintKey. For printouts a fee is charged. You can use a copycard in the InfoCenter of the ETH-Bibliothek, in the Grüne Bibliothek and the Baubibliothek.



    Icon in the system tray

  • Saving

    The "Downloads-Public" folder is used for the interim saving of documents that are to be sent later via webmail (under the "Upload/Attach Files" dialog or similar).

  • Timeout

    If the session is not being actively used, an auto-logoff or timeout occurs after a countdown of 30 seconds, followed by a restart. In the event of this automatic timeout, the session is ended and any cached search results are deleted.

  • USB stick

    See Data Carriers.