Limited use of Special Collections

Due to renovation work, the reading room of Special Collections will be closed from 6 July (as of 16.00) until and including 21 September 2010.
The use of atlases from the Map Collection will not be possible until 22 September. The Report Collection will remain closed until 8 August; parts of the collection will not be available until 23 August. Until 22 September language courses can only be ordered via the Knowledge Portal.

The use of the old prints, archives, (Archives and Private Collections, Max Frisch Archive (external link)) as well as image collections is restricted:

  • 6 July (from 16.00) to 7 July (till 13.00): not possible
  • 7 July (from 13.00) to 3 September: use in the InfoCenter of ETH Bibliothek, Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00. The number of workplaces is limited.
  • 6 to 21 September: not possible
  • from 22 September: normal operation

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