Database access changes

From 1 January 2013, it will no longer be possible to access a series of databases via the OVID SP platform – instead, new providers will be used to access the databases. At the same time, you will be able to benefit from improved functionalities.

We request that you edit your bookmarks and alerts accordingly.
Furthermore, the following databases will no longer be available from 1 January 2013:

  • Forest Science Database 
  • Technology Research Database
  • TEMA
  • Transport

Use our specialist alternatives instead.
More information about the databases which can be accessed at ETH Zurich can be found in the ETH-Bibliothek Knowledge Portal.
If you would like to improve your research skills, you could attend one of our training courses
If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to or call + 41 44 632 21 35.


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