Science in Sight: Scientific Photographs from the Image Archive, ETH-Bibliothek

Ever since its early days, photography has been an instrument and object of science and research. The recently published book “Science in Sight: Scientific Photographs from the Image Archive, ETH-Bibliothek” examines the role photography has played at ETH Zurich. Containing some 200 photographs, the book from the “Pictorial Worlds” series affords a glimpse into selected aspects of this complex relationship through the viewfinder of ETH Zurich.     
The book features previously unpublished historical scientific photographs from ETH Zurich’s Institute of Photography founded in 1886 and other image archives from ETH Zurich professors and institutes. Astrophotographs, micrographs, pictures of laboratory experiments and material tests, x-rays or field observations document the importance of photography in the research process and showcase the visual language of scientific photography.   

The book can be purchased in the reading room of ETH-Bibliothek’s Collections and Archives.
You can also browse through a selection of the images in the Bildarchiv Online (external link).
You can find more information and photographs on ETHeritage (external link).


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