Additional links within search results on the Knowledge Portal

Thanks to direct links to Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland and other internet services, in-depth searches are becoming even more comprehensive. An “Information about name, first name” section is now displayed in the right-hand column of a result’s detailed view – provided the author sought for has an entry in the internet services selected and a GND-ID (ID in the Integrated Authority File).

Moreover, the range of tables of content has been expanded. If there is no table of content available in the NEBIS library catalogue, a link to an external one will be generated (if available).

These links are possible due to Linked Open Data, namely data provided by other institutions for free usage. ETH-Bibliothek is also committed to Open Data.

Furthermore, a link on the item in Google Books is displayed.

The following example on Max Frisch illustrates these changes: 

Search Result Max Frisch: Screenshot

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