COVID-19: Closing of ETH Library

Due to the Federal Council ordinance issued on Monday, 16 March 2020 and the switch to emergency operations by ETH Zurich, ETH Library is closed physically at all its locations until and including Sunday, 19 April 2020, for the time being:

  • All digital services are still available and ETH Library staff can be contacted by e-mail for advice, questions and suggestions. 
  • New orders will no longer be accepted with immediate effect. Already ordered media remain ordered and will be processed normally after reopening.
  • Media ready for collection remain in the libraries and can be picked up and borrowed after re-opening.
  • Media already on loan can be kept until ETH Library opens again. You will not receive an overdue notice.
  • The acquisition of physical media is not possible during the period of closure.
  • All events (exception: webinars) are cancelled until the end of May 2020.
  • The exhibitions of ETH Library will remain closed until further notice.

Digital services by ETH Library

Especially during the period of the coronavirus protective measures, use ETH Library’s digital services, such as the digital text book collection and e-journals. Please find instructions for accessing electronic resources on our website.

We would also be pleased to receive your suggestions for the acquisition of electronic content and will endeavour to ensure that it is acquired quickly.

External library customers who are already registered can also use the E-Lending service to borrow scientific e-books.

Questions? ETH Library is happy to help.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp (external link) or our chat.


Measures to protect the population are a top priority for ETH Zurich. With the closure of ETH Library, we are doing our utmost to contribute our part.


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