As an information service-provider, ETH Library focuses on selected strategic fields. In doing so, it gears itself to the needs of the Swiss and international information and science community and society's increasing digitization.

Strategic topics

  • Collections and archives in the digital age – innovative indexing, digitization and publication of unique materials
  • Open Data – free availability of bibliographical metadata and other selected data not subject to any copyright conditions for re-use
  • Swiss copyright – commitment at national level for a science-friendly copyright law in Switzerland
  • Text and data mining – Checking fields of application for text and data mining as well as advice for members of ETH Zurich

Current projects

  • Digitization of sunspot drawings – Indexing and digitization of sunspot drawings from 1883 to 1946/47
  • EIDOS – Evaluation and implementation of a digital infrastructure for the collections of scientific objects
  • Geodata4SwissEDU and – Development, operation and further development of a national geodata portal for education and research
  • Georeferencing in the Image Archive – Image georeferencing on the collaborative crowdsourcing platform sMapshot
  • IDEfiX – Cataloguing, digitization and scientific indexing of the xylotheque
  • IMAGO – Indexing and digitization of Lepidoptera from the Entomological Collection
  • Mass Indexing and Retrospective Conversion (MaRek) – Retrospective conversion of analogue finding aids, development of process models for archival description of extensive record series, archival description of prioritised holdings
  • Microfungi – Digitization of microfungi from ETH Zurich's Mycological Herbarium
  • Research Data Life-Cycle Management (DLCM) – Solutions and standards for the management of research data throughout Switzerland
  • Single sign-on – Simplifying the login procedure for using library resources
  • SLSP Swiss Library Service Platform – Pre-project for the development of a national service platform for academic libraries in Switzerland and, in parallel, the introduction of a new generation of library systems
  • Vascular plant herbarium – Digitization and indexing of Brassicaceae, type specimens and Hans Hess's Angola Herbarium