Completed project

Aim of the project

Development and operation of a central agency for allocation, registration and management of DOIs for primary and secondary data of Swiss universities.

Description of the project

An organizational concept is to be devised and implemented for operating the registration agency. In addition, the requisite technical infrastructure is to be developed and then launched. For each digital object, in addition to the DOI and the associated URL, the metadata is also registered in Dublin Core format.
DOI purchasers are institutes and institutions that operate a document server. The sustainability of these data storage units must be ensured. The end users of the service are members of the Swiss scientific community who want to make their primary data (e.g. series of measurements) or secondary data (e.g. post-prints) citable on a long-term basis. The guidelines for DOI registration are set out in a policy.

Current information to the DOI registration: ETH Zurich DOI desk (external link).

Synergies and context

The project is to be carried out in the context of Swiss Electronic Library (external link).

Cooperation partners

Timeframe, sequence

April 2009:Implementation of the first pilot project for DOI registration
2009/2010:Development of processes and organization for DOI Desk (registration agency)
2011:Live launch
2012:End of project

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Angela Gastl
Project coordination
+41 44 632 27 37