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E-Pics, ETH Zurich's image management system

E-Pics, ETH Zurichs platform for pictures, photographs and illustrations, is managed by ETH Library. The majority of the images can be viewed publicly and searched for using keywords.

A project completed in 2006 gave rise to a product that is constantly being refined and meanwhile boasts around 28 catalogues, 11 of which are publicly accessible. The images can either be downloaded directly or requested from the relevant catalogue owner via an order form/by email. The image rights differ and are listed in the individual catalogues and/or metadata.

E-Pics is primarily available as a free service for ETH Zurich's units to manage their image data. The platform works with the digital asset management software Cumulus by Canto and also has a 3D and zoom viewer. Customers can make their images available to the public or only ETH Zurich at www.e-pics.ethz.ch, or solely manage them for internal purposes. The web release takes place at individual image level, which means the customers are free to publish data. There is no restriction to the size or image formats. E-Pics is highly flexible and enables a wide range of customer requests to be handled.

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