Completed project

Aim of the project

The project's aim is to provide the members of ETH Zurich with a central infrastructure to document their publication output and publish research results. 

December 2017Barbara Hirschmann and Angela Gastl present the Research Collection at the Research Data Repositories Workshop of DINI / nestor-AG Forschungsdaten. Prensentation "Research Collection. Der neue One-Stop-Shop für Forschende der ETH Zürich".
September 2017At the DSpace user meeting at UB Stuttgart, we present the Research Collection to the German-speaking DSpace-Communtiy. Presentation "Die Research Collection der ETH-Bibliothek" (external link)
June 2017After two and a half years of project duration, the Research Collection is online. Further information on the Research Collection
May 2017 Interrupted service in ETH E-Citations and ETH E-Collection, 15 May to 12 June 2017
Entering publications in the institutional bibliography or publishing via the open access repository during this period will not be possible. Further information on interrupted service.
April 2017

In the past months, the project team has been intensively testing the new publication platform. We would like to thank all the test persons for their participation.

Currently, the test results are being analysed and the improvements thereof realized.

Shortly, we will announce the date of the Research Collection's launch here.

October 2016At the poster session of the Open Access Days 2016 (external link) in Munich we are presenting the new publication platform ResearchCollection and are therefore very much interested in our colleagues. Continue to the poster (external link).
September 2016The process of finding a name is completed: The new publication platform will be called Research Collection. The project team expresses their thanks to all members of ETH who took part in the survey on the product name.
June 2016At the poster session of the Open Repositories Conference in Dublin (external link), we present the project "E-Publications" to colleagues from all over the world and are met with great interest. The poster is available in the ETH E-Collection (external link).
March 2016

Finding a name for new publication platform – your opinion counts

The project "E-Publications" is going in search of a new name: How should the new platform of ETH-Bibliothek be called? We are interested in your opinion.

That's why we cordially invite members of ETH Zurich to participate in our survey on a new name (participation deadline: Monday 18 April 2016). Rate the suggestions offered or enter your own idea for a name. Feel free to forward the survey link to other members of ETH.

The survey is completed.

February 2016The first of a total of five development phases is finished. For the first time, the project team can take a look at the functionalities of the software in the test environment.
December 2015The project team and a representative of the company @mire meet up for the kick-off meeting in Zurich. The detail planning of the work packages in the implementation phase takes shape.
November 2015Contract is awarded to the Belgian company @mire for their offer based on the software DSpace.

Description of the project

Under the E-Publications project, the institutional repository ETH E-Collection and the institutional bibliography ETH E-Citations are to be integrated and replaced. The new publication platform will also provide a workflow for the publication and archiving of research data, which has been processed by another ETH-Bibliothek application, the ETH Data Archive, until now. As a result, three currently separate applications will be transformed into a one-stop shop for ETH-Zurich researchers, via which they can:

  • Record their research output for academic reporting and the creation of publication lists on their websites
  • Publish texts open access
  • Archive research data or make it publicly accessible

On the part of ETH-Bibliothek, the project will help reduce data redundancies and make interfaces more efficient to operate. Additionally, the project will develop a new library-internal workflow that uses and pools the existing expertise in the fields of bibliographical quality control, open access, copyright, file formats and digital curation in a  gainful way.

Synergies and context

The application to be developed within the project will have interfaces with a range of ETH internal and ETH external databases and search tools, amongst them

The E-Publications project builds on tools, workflows and standards that were developed under the projects Digital Curation and DOI-CH, and within the scope of ETH-Bibliothek's membership of the organisation DataCite (external link).

Cooperation partners from ETH Zurich

November  2014: Project start
December 2014 to April 2015:Requirements analysis and preparation of tender documents
June 2015 to November 2015:Evaluation procedure
December 2015 to May 2017: Implementation of the software solution
Modification of third-party systems
Planning for system and data migration
June 2017:Switch to production
December 2017:Project closure

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