Georeferencing in the Image Archive

Closed project

Aim of the project

Integration of Swiss landscape and aerial photographs on the collaborative crowdsourcing platform sMapshot (external link) for georeferencing.

Description of the project

Crowdsourcing has blossomed into a key instrument in ETH Library’s Image Archive for the clarification and enrichment of indexing information.

The goal of the project is to broaden the crowdsourcing activities to include the georeferencing of Swiss landscape photographs. This supplements the functionalities of the existing image database E-Pics Image Archive Online.

insit (Institut d'ingénierie du territoire) at the Haute Ecole d'ingénierie et de gestion du canton de Vaud (heig-vd) launched a new collaborative crowdsourcing platform for georeferencing landscape photographs with sMapshot in early 2017. The crowd can place images of Swiss landscapes and aerial photographs of rural areas in the virtual 3D globe (Open Source Software Cesium) in such a way that both the exact position and the angle of each photo can be determined. These coordinates are extracted from sMapshot with precisely localised metadata, such as objects (mountains, places, streams, landscapes etc.) visible on the photograph, and the position where the picture was taken, indicating the altitude for aerial photographs. They are then imported into the image database E-Pics Image Archive Online (external link).

Synergies and context

Collaborative crowdsourcing platform sMapshot, which can also be used by other institutions for this purpose; enlargement of the crowd and outreach of ETH Library’s Image Archive.

Cooperation partners

insit, Haute Ecole d'ingénierie et de gestion du canton de Vaud, Laboratoire de SIG (heig-vd) (external link)

The project is headed by ETH Library.

1 May 2017 to 30 March 2018Project Duration

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