Completed project

Aim of the project

The virtual exhibits of the ETH library are to be given a spatial presence through interactive projection, so that they can be experienced in a physical way. The installation is intended to be freely accessible on a general basis.

Description of the project

Gesturespace is an interactive, dynamic projection of digitised historic resources held at the ETH-Bibliothek. Using contactless gestures, it is possible to rummage through picture collections and leaf through valuable books. The project combines the latest technology in order to process interaction with traditional library stocks in a heuristic form.

Using intuitive hand gestures as well as through the position of the body in the room, the viewer can control the content of the projection. By means of simple gestures, the viewer can navigate through digitised documents (photos, old prints), and zoom into individual pictures.

The conceptual and technical basis was developed in the Gesturespace project (Bachelor degree work by Kai Jauslin at ZHdK). Gesturespace uses a 3D infra-red camera from the company Mesa Imaging of Zurich. With this high-precision technology, it is possible to control the interaction between body and system much more finely than has been possible with the means available up to now.

The graphical interface and plane of interaction has been implemented with the 3D game engine Unity3D. The pictures are projected by means of a wide-angle projector onto the wall next to the entrance of the InfoCenter.

More information: Gesturespace 2 @ ETH-Bibliothek Zurich (external link)

Timeframe, sequence

DurationJanuary to April 2010
14 April 2010 Start, to coincide with the beginning of the Inetbib conference at ETH Zurich.
The installation is then to be in operation for 3 months.

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