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Completed project

Aim of the project

The aim is for the ETH-Bibliothek to prepare a set of training courses and online materials. In addition to the key bibliographic databases, other topics such as literature management and the drafting of reports and scientific texts are to be covered.

Description of the project

The existing resources in the field of information literacy are to be extended and offered as a detailed modular system. Interested parties can use this modular system to put together their preferred training courses themselves in the form of presentations or call up the corresponding online materials.
In addition, the related extension of the resources in terms of form includes the preparation of materials that are available to users on the Internet.By using these, they can acquire various skills in the fields of literature research and processing as well as other areas through self-training. Ideally, these documents should cover three aspects: general introductions, tips & tricks and FAQs.

Timeframe, sequence

New websites including the online materials as well as links to the various websites (training resources, database pages etc.) will be set up by summer/fall 2009. At the same time, the new resources are to be unveiled to the target groups (institutes, lecturers).

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