Integration of the library system of the University of Zurich

Completed project

Aim of the project

To incorporate the technical library systems, library data and, where relevant, the associated organisation and processes of IDS Zurich University – which are currently managed separately – into the NEBIS network.

Description of the project

The catalogues of the two Swiss library networks, the "Network of Libraries and Information Centres in Switzerland" (NEBIS) and the "Information Network of the University of Zurich" (IDS Zurich University) are to be merged.

This new overall solution will strengthen the position of Zurich as a centre for science and education. It will also support the endeavours of the universities in the competition to reach the top of international league tables. For users, it will enable a single point of access to all of the holdings of the largest library network in Switzerland, with approximately 7 million registered titles.

An integrated solution offers the following advantages:

  • Large data pool for cataloguing and use
  • The quality of the data that is held will be improved due to integrated, coordinated data management and standardised cataloguing principles
  • The librarians' work will be easier to carry out in the context of one large, integrated catalogue network
  •  The technical infrastructure will be streamlined, reducing redundancy and cutting costs.

Current information can be found in the INUIT-Blog (external link).

Cooperation partners

Timeframe, sequence

Duration:June 2011 to May 2013

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Andreas Kirstein
Head of Media and IT Services
Deputy Director
Project coordination
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