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Aim of the project

The project KG_online is primarily geared towards making a new inventory of the five existing cultural asset catalogues with the associated activities (inspection, formal and content-related recording, repackaging, reassessment, photographic documentation) and the development of a new database.

Description of the project

With the Sternwarte Collection, paintings and sculptures in and on buildings, busts and other works of art, ETH Zurich possesses various cultural assets of regional and national importance. ETH Zurich’s Executive Board of conferred the responsibility for the protection of cultural property upon ETH-Bibliothek and the Head of Collections and Archives respectively.  

The some 800 current cultural artefacts are recorded in an older online inventory. This database is to be transferred to a modern database application and ETH-Bibliothek’s system landscape and all the objects are to be re-photographed.

The descriptive metadata is also to be updated and adapted to the latest international requirements. Moreover, the cultural assets will be identified on site, repackaged and re-stored. If need be, individual cultural assets will be reassessed.

Synergies and context

The KG_online project is part of the Impulse Programme 2013/2014 of ETH Zurich’s Executive Board.

Timeframe, sequence

Januar 2016end of project

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