Open Access

Completed project

Aim of the project

The Open Access policy approved for the ETH Zurich by the Executive Board in July 2008 is to be implemented. To this end, the ETH-Bibliothek is setting up a specialist office, providing the necessary infrastructure and developing suitable processes.

Description of the project

The university's scientists will be regularly made aware of Open Access (OA) by various marketing activities. They will be asked to make active use of the opportunities to publish using Open Access at the ETH Zurich. The website Open Access at ETH Zurich serves as a central information platform.

Information on synergies and context

The technical and organizational foundations for the launch of Open Access were laid with the new version of ETH E-Collection (external link), which went live in spring 2008. The "E-Collection III" project was one of the measures for implementing the ICT strategy of ETH Zurich (external link).

Timeframe, sequence

September 2008:Launch of the Open Access website and start of marketing activities.
End of 2009:Drafting of a progress report to the attention of the Executive Board of the ETH Zurich.

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