Completed project

Aim of the project

  • Improve access to the holdings in the Thomas Mann Archive (external link) (TMA)  through up-to-date indexing that is also accessible online
  • Conservation and protection of the original holdings through an integral digitization of the holdings

Description of the project

The Thomas Mann Archive offers key source material for research purposes. It provides access to Mann's diaries, numerous manuscripts of his works, extensive correspondence and a broad newspaper documentation.  The TMA_online project involves indexing all archive and documentation holdings in accordance with the modern archiving standard. The index information (external link) is gradually being made accessible online.

In order to conserve and protect the originals  the entire holdings are being digitized in the library's own DigiCenter. Although legal barriers stand in the way of publishing the digital copies, they are accessible in-house in the archive’s reading room.

Synergies and context

The TMA_online project is part of the ETH Zurich Executive Board's 2013/2014 Impulse Programme. The extended timeframe of the project will end in the middle of March 2015.Synergies in archive information systems and indexing develop from the exchange with ETH Zurich's University Archives and the Max Frisch Archive.    

Timeframe, sequence

March 2015:Webclient (external link) initiated with index information
June 2015:end of project

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