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Completed project

Aim of the project

The goal of e-lib.ch: Swiss Electronic Library (external link) was to set up a national science portal as a single point of access for research and verification of academic information from and for the whole of Switzerland.

Description of the project

e-lib.ch is an innovation and cooperation project of the Swiss University Conference (SUK) with the involvement of the ETH Board and the Swiss Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (BBT).

The Web portal e-lib.ch offers access to the extensive holdings of Swiss university libraries and a wide range of other institutions. Additionally, e-lib.ch also provides a broad spectrum of flexible and needs-based services. These range between the following fields: digitization, development of tools for optimal use of digital academic contents, research and specialist portals and the facilitation of information and research competences. The resources and services available on e-lib.ch are the result of a variety of sub-projects conducted across Switzerland, strengthening cooperation between libraries and academic organisations.

Project management and coordination service for the project was based at the ETH-Bibliothek and closely linked to the office of the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries. The total amount of state subsidies within the first funding period (2008−2011) was CHF 10 million. The intermediate years 2012 and 2013 were supported with a federal contribution to bridge the gap. Throughout the project period the participating institutions also made contributions of the same amount. The project e-lib.ch: Swiss electronic library is officially completed since the end of 2013. Some of the subprojects will be continued in the framework of the SUK program P-2 "Wissenschaftliche Information: Zugang, Verarbeitung und Speicherung" (Scientific Information: Access, processing, and storage).

Cooperation partners

  • KUB (external link) (Konferenz der Universitätsbibliotheken) as the customer
  • CRUS (external link) (Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities)
  • KFH (external link) (Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences)
  • SUK (external link) (Swiss University Conference): Financing of the involvement of the cantonal universities
  • ETH Board (external link): Financing of the involvement of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology and the research institutions of the ETH sector
  • SBFI (State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI): Financing of the involvement of the technical colleges

Timeframe, sequence

Duration: 2008 bis 2012
20 subprojects with different durations and individual milestones.

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Deborah Kyburz
Project coordination
+41 44 633 84 61