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Completed project

Aim of the project

The platform e-rara.ch (external link) is to be expanded to include optical character recognition (OCR). This will pave the way for the contents to be re-used by researchers from the digital humanities and related disciplines.

Description of the project

The pilot project e-rara.ch: Full Text encompasses the following sub-goals:

  • Introduction of optical character recognition (OCR) for printed works with Antiqua typeface from the publication period from 1830 onwards
  • Adaptation of e-rara.ch’s infrastructure, e.g. integration of the software ABBYY Fine Reader
  • Expansion of the e-rara.ch website to include functionalities to search for and display full texts
  • Testing and, if necessary, implementation of workflows to optimise the quality of the OCR-generated full texts

Synergies and context

e-rara.ch: Full Text is funded within the scope of the programme "Scientific information: Access, processing and saveguarding" (external link) launched by swissuniversities.

The project is conducted in coordination with projects from the German-speaking world, including the DFG-funded coordination project OCR-D (external link).

Cooperation partner

ETH-Bibliothek is in charge of the project.

June 2016 to September 2017:Project duration

Steps after the project's end

Even after the project is completed, e-rara.ch will continue to address OCR issues under the lead of platform coordinator Dr Meda Diana Hotea (+41 44 632 93 07, meda.hotea@library.ethz.ch). Central topics will be:

  • Examination of innovative OCR tools and methods with a view to improved full text quality
  • Provision of OCR full texts for reuse by Digital Humanities researchers
  • Expansion of optical text recognition to other content on e-rara.ch

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Claudia Lienhard
Innovation and Project Development
Project coordination
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Claudie Lienhard