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  • Do you want to make sure your research data remains available in the longer term? 
  • Do you want to reference the primary (raw) data your publications are based upon permanently?
  • Would you like to improve the impact of your publication?
  • Is it important to you for your file formats to still be readable in ten or even fifty years?
  • Do you want to ensure that your digital collections are preserved for future generations?
  • Do you want to have a say in how long your data remains available and who is allowed to access it?

With the ETH Data Archive, ETH Library provides an infrastructure for the medium and long-term storage of digital information such as research data, documents or images. 

The Digital Curation Office is your point of contact for technical and conceptual issues concerning long-term electronic archiving and data management. Furthermore, it offers researchers help and support in managing and publishing their data as well as in following the requirements stated in the Guidelines for Research Integrity of ETH Zurich (pdf, 1.25 MB (external link)).

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18.05.2017 SNSF publishes guidelines for data management plans
From October 2017, researchers will be asked to submit a data management plan (DMP) as an integral part of their research proposal. Now the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) has published guidelines for the first time.
09.05.2017 Interrupted service in ETH E-Citations and ETH E-Collection, 15 May to 12 June 2017
Entering publications in the institutional bibliography or publishing via the open access repository during this period will not be possible.
13.03.2017 SNSF: Data management plans are becoming part of funding requirements
Researchers who are applying for funding with the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) will be required to submit a data management plan (DMP) with their funding application as of October 2017.

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