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28.03.2018 Save the Date: Swiss Research Data Day 2018
During the Swiss Research Data Day on 12 June 2018 at ETH Zurich, best practices around handling, managing, and sharing research data are being discussed.
21.03.2018 Data management made simple
A new article in Nature Career Feature talks about data management planning and how ETH Library helps researchers to tackle it
13.03.2018 Recording and slides from Info Event on SNSF requirements for Data Management Plans available
ETH Library's Digital Curation Office and ETH Scientific IT Services informed ETH Zurich's scientists about Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF Data Management Plans at an information event on 6 March 2018.
19.02.2018 Data Management Plans for SNSF Grants
Information event on 6 March
12.02.2018 #lovedata18: We love data and we love data management
#lovedata18 – this stands for the Love Data Week from 12 to 16 February. How much ETH Library loves data, we tell in our newest story on Explora.
30.01.2018 Funding opportunities for research
On 22 January 2018, the Academic Association of Scientific Staff at ETH Zurich (AVETH) organized an information event on funding opportunities.
15.01.2018 SNSF and EU funding opportunities and regulations
The Academic Association of Scientific Staff at ETH Zurich (AVETH) is organizing an information event about funding opportunities for ETH's academic staff.
27.11.2017 The SNSF is now an ORCID member
With its membership of ORCID, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is supporting the organisation, which offers researchers a unique global identifier (the Open Researcher and Contributor Identification, ORCID).
20.11.2017 Research Data Management – what can I do?
Training on Data Management (in German) on Tuesday 28 November from 17.30 to 19.00.
07.11.2017 Euresearch Event on Research Integrity and Open Data
Euresearch is organizing an event on 23 November in Bern, discussing issues on research integrity and open data in the context of the European Framework Programme Horizon 2020.
26.10.2017 New ETH Research Data Management Website
Central source of information and a point-of-contact for data management
28.09.2017 Data Management in Research – Why and How?
Workshop on Data Management on Wednesday 25 October from 13.15 to 17.00.
21.09.2017 Video recording of the SNSF information event on 13 September
New SNSF policies and guidelines on Open Research Data at the University of Zurich.
14.09.2017 New information by the SNSF on Data Management Plans (DMP) and Open Research Data (ORD)
As of October, data management plans are mandatory for each new project funding application submitted to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).
08.09.2017 Guidance for researchers of ETH Zurich on SNSF Data Management Plans
ETH Library is offering a step-by-step instruction document for filling out Data Management Plans for Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) proposals.
21.08.2017 SNSF Information Event – Open Research Data Policies and Data Management Plan
Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 15.30 to 17.00 (English)
07.07.2017 Orientation on Data Management Plans for SNSF Grants
The Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF has published guidelines for Data Management Plans. As of October 2017 researchers are obliged to submit a Data Management Plan as an integral part of their research application.
28.06.2017 Research Collection: ETH Zurich’s new publication platform
The Research Collection, ETH Zurich's new publication platform, contains the university’s research output.
21.06.2017 Data Management Plans for SNSF Grants
Information event on 6 July
18.05.2017 SNSF publishes guidelines for data management plans
From October 2017, researchers will be asked to submit a data management plan (DMP) as an integral part of their research proposal. Now the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) has published guidelines for the first time.
09.05.2017 Interrupted service in ETH E-Citations and ETH E-Collection, 15 May to 12 June 2017
Entering publications in the institutional bibliography or publishing via the open access repository during this period will not be possible.
13.03.2017 SNSF: Data management plans are becoming part of funding requirements
Researchers who are applying for funding with the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) will be required to submit a data management plan (DMP) with their funding application as of October 2017.
02.03.2017 Introduction of ORCID at ETH Zurich
From now on, members of ETH Zurich can link their ORCID to their personal profile on
28.02.2017 Explora – the new storytelling platform
ETH Library is breaking new ground with the platform Explora by tackling questions of time and topics in story form.
13.01.2017 New article about the iPRES 2016 conference: focus on context and digital continuity
A new article by the Digital Curation team published in b.i.t. online (German only) is reporting about current topics and trends of digital long-term preservation, as presented at the iPRES 2016.
13.12.2016 Portal zum Management von Forschungsdaten aufgeschaltet
The Data Life-Cycle Management (DLCM) project by swissuniversities, dealing with the creation of sustainable and concrete solutions for the management of research data throughout its entire lifecycle, is now online with a dedicated portal.
06.12.2016 Data management plans and long-term preservation at the first Swiss Research Data Management Day
On 29 November 2016 the first Swiss Research Data Management Day took place in Lausanne.
02.11.2016 Swiss Research Data Management Day
During the Swiss Research Data Management Day, best practices will be shared by established experts to discuss the state-of-the-art in data management.
01.11.2016 Maintaining the readability of data for the long term
Poster on file formats
13.10.2016 docuteam packer: a tool for academia
The archiving of research data is an important aspect of data management.
27.09.2016 Training on the Open Research Data Pilot and Data Management Plan in Horizon 2020
The European Commission is running the flexible Open Research Data Pilot (ORD pilot).
06.09.2016 iPRES: International Conference on Digital Preservation
The International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES) is to take place in Bern from 3 to 6 October.
01.09.2016 Data Management in Research – Why and How?
On Wednesday 19 October a public and free workshop takes place from 13.15 to 17.00 about Data Management.
04.08.2016 Horizon 2020: Open Research Data ab 2017
As of 2017, all new calls in the research program Horizon 2020 will require research data to be made available in open access.
12.07.2016 Bridging the curation gap
The "curation gap" is a central topic to research data management. This is the discrepancy between the needs and actions taken by researchers and curators in research data management.
12.05.2016 ETH Data Archive in the Data Citation Index (DCI)
Research data from the ETH Data Archive are now also recorded in Web of Science.
20.06.2016 How to write a Data Management Plan?
Joint EUDAT- OpenAIRE webinar on 7 July.
16.03.2016 Research data and data management
The Digital Curation office has uploaded practical information on the topics of "Publishing research data" and "Data management".
08.02.2016 Datamanagement in Research – Why and How?
"Critical Thinking" Workshop 20 April, 13.15 to 17.00.

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