Orientation on Data Management Plans for SNSF Grants

The Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF has published guidelines for Data Management Plans. As of October 2017 researchers are obliged to submit a Data Management Plan as an integral part of their research application.

ETH Library’s Digital Curation Office, together with Scientific IT Services (external link), informed the ETH researchers and answered their questions at an information event.

Slideshare – ETH Library (external link)or as PDF-File Data Management Plans for SNSF Grants (pdf, 620.82 kB)

A goal of the SNSF is to manage and share research data as openly as possible. The data management plan aims to aid the researchers in the planning of the research data life cycle, and thus facilitate comprehensive and efficient sharing of suitable data.

Discussions at the event showed the need for further clarification. The SNSF explicitly asks for feedback to its guidelines under the address ord@snf.ch.

Further information on the topic of Data Management Plans can be found on the SNSF website (external link) and the page data management.