Open Access at ETH Zurich

The aim of Open Access is to make scientific literature freely accessible and free of charge to everyone on the internet.

This webpage provides information on open-access publishing at ETH Zurich. We advise on publication possibilities for members of ETH Zurich and report on the latest developments from the open-access movement.

ETH-Bibliothek is your university-wide point of contact for all questions regarding Open Access.
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28.11.2016 Open access in Switzerland: study on converting the publication system
A study commissioned by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and swissuniversities has investigated various scenarios for converting the academic publication system in Switzerland more towards open access.
01.09.2016 ETH-Bibliothek covers publication fees for open-access journals from the publisher Wiley
As of September 2016, scientists from ETH Zurich who publish in an open-access journal of the publisher Wiley can charge the publication fees directly to ETH Zurich.