Research Collection: statistics March 2019

Einstein, global runoff reconstruction and plant-bacterial symbiosis. Our infographic shows you the Research Collection’s usage.

For the first time, we are presenting some usage statistics (external link) of ETH Zurich’s institutional repository, the Research Collection for March 2019:

  • To our big surprise, the most downloaded thesis last month was already published in 1905, Albert Einstein’s doctoral thesis “Eine neue Bestimmung der Moleküldimensionen”.
  • The most downloaded dataset comprises a time-series on global runoff data
  • and the most downloaded article deals with bacterial plant interactions in Kenya.

The infographic also shows that the number of downloads from the Research Collection nearly doubled in the last six months and that the most downloads came from the United States. The article that received the highest attention on social media and newspapers was the article “Arrow of time and its reversal on the IBM quantum computer”, according to Altmetrics (external link). The proportion of open access publications in the Research Collection is currently 26%.

The Research Collection (external link) is ETH Zurich’s publication platform, where members of the university can publish academic full texts open access and archive research data or make them publicly accessible.