Research Collection: Statistics September 2019

The highest Altmetric Score in September was achieved by an article dealing with the influence of an astronomical event on the paleoclimate. According to the article, meteorite dust could have triggered an ice age on Earth about 460 million years ago. The full text of this article is available in the Research Collection.

The number of downloads from Germany again exceeded the 100,000 mark. Since the Research Collection was launched, almost 10 million downloads have been made from Germany, and this limit will probably be exceeded this year. The USA are in second place overall, but with about 5 million downloads less. The open access share of publications was stable this past month. There were no changes for the most downloaded publications.

To the September 2019 infographic (external link)

The Research Collection (external link) is ETH Zurich’s publication platform, where members of the university can publish academic full texts open access and archive research data or make them publicly accessible.


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