Research Collection statistics in a new format and design

We have made some changes to the current Research Collection statistics. The infographic has a new, slimmer design and the statistics themselves will be published quarterly from now on. In the future, we will also be more flexible in selecting the types of publication presented.

In the statistics for the second quarter 2020, we have achieved a new record in the percentage of open access, with a proportion of 40% for 2020. We were also able to increase the open-access share overall by uploading around 4800 national-license articles.

This time, the most downloaded article «Continuous decline in lower stratospheric ozone offsets ozone layer recovery» (external link) is a manuscript version which was still under review when it was uploaded to the Research Collection. The final accepted version (external link) is also freely available in the Research Collection, but has much fewer downloads, however its Altmetric Score is much higher.

To the infographic for the second quarter 2020 (external link)

The Research Collection (external link) is ETH Zurich’s publication platform, where members of the university can publish academic full texts open access and archive research data or make them publicly accessible.


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