Letting knowledge flow freely

Anyone who wants to access ETH research findings should be able to do so as freely as possible. At the same time, ETH researchers should be able to publish wherever they think is most appropriate. These factors shape ETH Zurich’s open-access policy, which has now been revised by the Executive Board.

ETH Zurich's new open-access polic (pdf, 101 kB) (external link) supports swissuniversities' (the Rectors' Conference of Swiss Higher Education Institutions) national open-access strategy (external link) and incorporates central statements from the survey on open access conducted by ETH researchers in spring 2017. The Executive Board implemented the revised policy on 1 February 2018.

Its core statements are:

  • ETH Zurich is committed to ensuring that access to its researchers'’ knowledge is as unobstructed as possible.
  • ETH researchers should be able to publish freely and in compliance with the publication culture of their field. This applies above all to young researchers, who ETH Zurich particularly wants to support in developing their careers.
  • ETH Zurich encourages its researchers to also store their research findings in ETH's own Research Collection (external link) with free access, as long as this does not conflict with any legal constraints.
  • ETH also encourages its researchers to publish directly in open access journals, and will provide resources to offset the associated costs. ETH supports researchers’ critical participation in quality assurance bodies and on the editorial boards of open access journals.
  • If research funding institutions have open access requirements for publication, the ETH Library will provide advice for their implementation.

A further important aspect of ETH's new open-access policy is that it will increase the public transparency of published research. Freely available knowledge enables greater replication of results. ETH's open-access policy therefore contributes to research integrity, something which is an absolute priority for the university. Our open-access policy and the related individual advice offered by the ETH Library also help researchers to avoid untrustworthy publication platforms that have appeared as part of the increase in open access.

ETH Zurich's competence centre for open access is the ETH Library, which has made further information available on its website. The library's experts would be happy to provide advice and support regarding the implementation of the open-access policy.

Please contact:

E-Publishing Office
+41 44 632 72 22

Information on legal aspects of self-archiving in the Research Collection